Venturing out

I took my first ride to the middle of San Francisco Bay today. We rode bikes across the water to the giant rock called Yerba Buena Island, which most people recognize as a tunnel they pass through en route to or from San Francisco when commuting between the East Bay. The island is mostly known […]

Behind the scenes with United Airlines

I got a call (or an email) In early November, I attended what United called a Millennial Summit. I got to be part of a group of about 20 young professionals they flew to their headquarters in Chicago to talk about how they’ve been transforming as a company over the past few years. United Technical […]

On to the next one…

Background It’s Monday, and I’m heading off to my next destination(s). This week marks the beginning of running training programs in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Shenzhen, and Melbourne. Puzzled? “Why this collection of cities?” you may have asked yourself. I’m trying to use my time more efficiently with work travel, and this bizarre string of flights is […]