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It’s Monday, and I’m heading off to my next destination(s). This week marks the beginning of running training programs in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Shenzhen, and Melbourne.

Puzzled? “Why this collection of cities?” you may have asked yourself.

I’m trying to use my time more efficiently with work travel, and this bizarre string of flights is my first attempt to limit the number of back-and-forth flights and time zone changes I need to make this year.

The three requests were for two India, Greater China, and Australian training events. Travel to India generally requires at least 2 weeks of travel for 2 trainings there, and Hong Kong and Melbourne carving out an additional 1 week on their own.

With this itinerary, I’m only out of pocket for about 2.5 weeks. And this routing saves me about 50,000 miles in airplane travel. Sure, I could have probably thrown that spend on United to get me closer to Global Services (never going to happen 🙄), but less time in the air is a nice tradeoff 😀

Because I’m traveling so far, I was able to grab some food and drink (and relax briefly) in United’s Polaris Lounge at SFO again — which is always lovely.

Route via Great Circle Mapper

My original itinerary routed me through Newark, where I was scheduled to fly direct to Mumbai, but that flight was cancelled because of ongoing issues in Iran and Pakistan.

It’s a shame, too, because that routing is ideal for me. Nice ~5 hour transcontinental flight, and a long ~15 hour flight to Mumbai with an arrival around 8 pm. Instead, I flew through Frankfurt at around 10 hours, and caught an 8 hour flight to Mumbai that landed me there around 1 am. Not ideal 😴

With this itinerary, I’m only out of pocket for about 2.5 weeks. And this routing saves me about 50,000 miles in airplane travel (see the diagram ->) Sure, I could have probably thrown that spend on United to get me closer to the elusive Global Services (never going to happen 🙄), but less time in the air is a nice tradeoff.

I always love leaving from San Francisco. Especially when fog blankets parts of the city.

See you soon, America 👋

And some more photos from the United flight. The real Polaris business seats are among the best I’ve flown on, and United’s bedding usually gets me a nice, solid sleep before landing.

I can’t say the same for the questionable food they make available…gyoza in broth with chicken and carrots? Why?

I should have finished the other half of the burger in the lounge.

Where I’m at today

Arriving in Las Vegas for Summit 2019

Week of April 8, 2019

This week was Atlassian’s annual Summit conference in Las Vegas (do I need to say Nevada?). I just wrapped up a long week of work meetings, and filming customers, partners, and colleagues, around the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

It wasn’t all work, but I definitely met my stand goal every day — and then some.

Arriving in Las Vegas for Summit 2019

Arriving in Vegas with a dozen colleagues meant several awkward (but still interesting) conversations. “Who are you?” “What do you do?” and “how long have you been at Atlassian?” were common conversational themes.

To answer those questions: I’m Nick. I talk to our internal sales people and external partners about how to talk about our products (it’s meta, don’t worry). And I’ve been here for 3.5 years.

Coincidentally, my niece was playing volleyball in the same hotel the prior weekend, so she was there with my sister. They were leaving as I arrived, but we got to cross paths enough to hang out for an hour or so 🙂

Go sports ball 🏐

Motion all day in between Partner Day sessions.

Summit began on Wednesday, but Tuesday was a full day of Atlassian channel partner-related activities, appropriately called “Partner Day.”

I gave part of a presentation with one colleague named Paul, but otherwise roamed the halls with another team mate (also named Paul). I work with a lot of Pauls.

Paul (the second one) and I spent most our time interviewing other presenters and expo hall visitors from around the world. Attendees were eager to talk about Atlassian and how they can expand value for our customers.

I can’t post any of that content, but the videos were really fun to make. Paul is a standup kind of guy, and I’m an improv guy. That mostly translates to him remembering his lines, and me blanking most of the time. He’s also the straight man, and I’m the silly one.

It was a fun dynamic 🙌

Taking a quick break from the mayhem to enjoy a nice dinner with friends.

Two days in, and I was ready to leave the hotel. I literally hadn’t left a controlled climate from the moment I landed Monday afternoon to Wednesday evening. It was slightly depressing, and it felt great to step outside — even if it was to get into a cab to head to another casino for dinner.

We dined at Picasso. The place wasn’t exactly what I would have chosen. However, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the many Picasso works that surrounded our table. And dinner was with some of my favorite people in the company. Plus the food and wine were fairly good.

Giant inflated balls loomed over the beach party Bash Summit afterparty.

After 4 days indoors, we were released to the Mandalay Bay’s sandy outdoor beach for Summit Bash. The traditional conference party was held the final night of the entire event (Dev Day, Training Day, Partner Day, and 2 days of Summit, all crammed into the 4 days).

Whew. That was a long week.

I overextended my 48 hour rule for Vegas by 2x, and I was ready to go home.

Taking off, but not quite leaving Las Vegas.

The ride home was mostly uneventful. I was finally able to visit American Express’ Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas’ airport. And I can report that it’s just as crowded as every other Centurion Lounge I’ve been to.

I realize they’ve limited access recently, but they really need to work on finding more space in these airports. They’re a nice benefit, though it’s difficult to enjoy when you can’t find a seat or a power outlet. First world problems are tough 😔

Arriving in Los Angeles for a 30th birthday weekend celebration.

Less than 24 hours after landing, we were on our way to Los Angles for a friend’s 30th birthday weekend. It wasn’t a crazy weekend 😅. Just friends and their significant enjoying beer, wine, food, and conversations that meandered.

Our friend found an awesome winery located near Chinatown to host the occasion.

I was slightly skeptical at first, but Angelino Winery was impressive. Not only produces their wine in , but they source their grapes from Los Angeles County! And they really lean into Los Angeles’ history as a wine producing city, dating back to the mid 1800’s. In fact, Los Angeles Historic Park — located right across the street from their facility — was one of the first places to grow grapes for wine production in California. There’s even a whole book about it 🍇 🍷 🥳

He looks great as a muppet.

A little over 24 hours after arriving in Los Angeles, we were on the road, making our way home. We flew in, and drove back. It’s not my favorite drive, but it reminded me of the trips I used to take to LA to visit friends, right after I’d moved to San Francisco.

See you next week!


Week of November 26, 2018

Another week, another work trip. Following a successful Thanksgiving weekend, I flew off to São Paulo — my second trip this year! The timing of this trip is more remarkable, considering I had previously never crossed the equator until the earlier trip in April.

Central Coast

Central Coasting

For a second year in a row, I planned a destination Christmas with my family. Last year, we traveled to Munich, Germany, Salzburg, Austria, and Salisbury, England, to explore Christmas Markets and visit family living abroad.

This year, we decided to stay more local (at least for me), with a trip through California’s Central Coast.


2018 Week 1

I’ve quickly realized that I won’t have enough time to write a post summarizing my Instagram shot each day. In fact, I should have realized sooner that the Instagram post should summarize itself. So below are my snaps from the first week of January, excluding those from my post January 1, 2018.