I finally spent some time in the office, but most of my week was spent traveling or in Southern California for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The smoke won’t go away. But the sunsets are quite nice. Instagram

I started the week off in our new office at 350 Bush Street, sitting 13 floor, with great, smokey views of the city.

This was my first full day in the new Atlassian San Francisco office, and I was happy to find central, filtered air, even if the views were a bit obstructed.

Smoke is starting to head out, and the skies are starting to clear. Just in time for rain. Instagram

I stepped out of the office to find some reasonably clear air. I could still smell the burning wood in the air, and I knew the particle count was still high; but I could begin to see more clearly — even in the night sky.

I probably should have waited for the air to clear up a bit more, but I managed to fit in a run after leaving the office.

By Wednesday, the air was clearing up, and the rain began to wash away fires and the remaining smoke. So naturally, it was time to head out of town. We headed down to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Lots to be thankful for this holiday season. Walking around Simi Valley in the Woolsey Fire aftermath. Instagram

There were no fires in Southern California — or California, for that matter — when we visited at the end of October for a friend’s wedding. In between that time, an enormous fire erupted in the northern section of the state, in Paradise, and a second one hit near my boyfriend’s family, in Simi Valley.

Simi was left relatively unscathed, but the fires got a little too close for comfort. I went for another run — twice in a week might be a new personal record — and I paused to snap a photo of the brilliance in color seen in the fall trees up against the scorched earth within sight, just feet away.

Unfortunately the massive fire destroyed many other communities south of Simi. But the impact could be felt across the region.

Went for a post Turkey Day hike, one valley over. In Lost Angeles. Instagram

I decided to avoid a million photos of Thanksgiving turkey and the fixins. (I was also helping to make the meal).

This year’s Turkey Day feast featured 2 fried turkeys. Most years we fry one and bake a second, but the fried one is always better (duh).

The good news is that we didn’t launch a single turkey into outer space. 🥳

The bad news is that one turkey was just slightly too big for the fryer.

Upon its splash into its 400 degree oil bath, it ran aground, and we had to toss it. 🙈🦃❌

Fortunately a few stores were open, and after grabbing a fully thawed turkey, we were back in business!

I write this story, only to say that I ate too much food, regardless of the missing turkey. And the next day we all needed to walk it off.

Some shots from the the hike.

After quick some researching, we found a park in Chatsworth that looked completely untouched by the fires.

We spent about 2 hours going up the Old Stagecoach Road trail and back. Fun fact: horse-drawn stagecoaches used to actually go up these boulders. Insane to think about today.

With family and friend time waning, we spent Saturday in Malibu, sitting on the beach at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. The drive went through the worst parts of the Woolsey Fire, and we passed several houses and businesses that were reduced to piles of stone and ash.

The beach was beautiful. And the light rain on Wednesday cleared the air.

A slight delay due to some low clouds, but I’m on my way back to São Paulo for my final work trip of 2018 (and traveling with United, naturally). BRB, San Francisco. Instagram

No, this isn’t a snap from my flight from LA or back into San Francisco.

Off I go again, en route to São Paulo, Brazil, for another week of training.

The busy travel day + mid west snow + the local fog, caused a minor delay. But I was on my way to South America, to wrap up work travel for 2018.

Next Stop: Brazil.

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