Lazy Monday

It was New Years Day in Warsaw, and like many places around the world, most things were closed for the day. So after a lazy start to the day, we found our way to the Neon Muzeum, just a few blocks from our Airbnb.

I was expecting the museum to be like the Color Factory and Museum of Ice Cream Instagram hotspots that have been popping up lately, but the space was an actual museum, dedicated to keeping the story of Warsaw’s neon signs alive.



Neon, neon #waw

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If you find yourself in Warsaw, I recommend checking out the space. You can definitely take a ton of photos, but the museum part was fairly impressive.

The museum does a fantastic job talking about the artistic impact that neon signs had on Warsaw in the 20th century, and how the Soviet-backed communist government came to reconcile the artistic nature of the sign while keeping the population in line with communist ideals.



The neon red light shines so bright #neon #neonmuseum #waw

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She’s always buzzing like #neon #neonmuseum #waw

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More photos from the museum:



Sanctuary in a food hall

New Years Day ended less eventfully than it started. The whole day was less eventful than New Years Eve the day before.

With so many places closed in the city, we found a food hall open near the central part of town. The space was reminiscent of San Francisco’s Ferry Building, Copenhagen Street Food, or LA’s Grand Central Market. We grabbed some very traditional Polish Indian food and a cocktail at the central bar afterwards.



Post holiday liver fix #newyear #newliver #waw

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With New Years over, vacation was slowly coming to a close, and we’d soon head back to the states — where work and obligations were starting to pile up.

Mapping it out

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