I’ve quickly realized that I won’t have enough time to write a post summarizing my Instagram shot each day. In fact, I should have realized sooner that the Instagram post should summarize itself. So below are my snaps from the first week of January, excluding those from my post January 1, 2018.

Wrapping up Warsaw

Temperatures fluctuated drastically each day, and as the air interacted with the Vistula River, the skies would go from clear to foggy to cloudy, with drastic changes in the scenery from one day to the next.

Our final day in Warsaw was a cloudy one, adding some drama and texture to some of the sites we’d already seen for several days.


Last day in Warsaw #waw #fog

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And that was it. We said goodbye to Warsaw and the outer reaches of the Carpathians. We’d spent two trips in 2017 pushing further east into Europe, with a trip to St Petersburg, Russia, and Finland, before exploring Poland and Ukraine.

I’d underestimated Poland and Ukraine, and was pleasantly surprised by their beauty and hospitality.


Next stop, San Francisco. First long haul of the year 🙂 #muc to #sfo

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Back to the grind

With New Years behind, reality was ahead. And returning to San Francisco meant going back to work while providing time to reconnect with friends.


Greetings from Republica de San Francisco #sfo #ca

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As I was walking around, I noticed that trees in the city were just starting to get ready for fall season, though we were already well into winter by January 1st. The colorful leaves were more visible as rains forced them off their branches, blanketing sidewalks and cars.


Fall has arrived #sfo #ca

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Stepping into Whole Foods felt like a foreign experience after a month away from home. But I chose to ignore the prices and customers complaining about tables still wet from the over night rain or lack of cabbage as employees hurriedly restocked shelves.

I was on a mission — to get food for a Greek-themed brunch with friends in East Bay. Oh look, cheese!


@wholefoods is trying to tell me something about cheese 🧀

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Following the successful brunch, and subsequent 10 hour nap, we spent the first lazy Sunday of the new year doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Nothing to the point where we thought we should do something.

So we met up with friends and saw a show at Punchline Comedy Club.


Still feeling festive in #sfo #ca

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